Marriage Is Letting Us Down. Should There Be a Right Not to Marry?

A right not to marry would help resist the pressure to marry, and queer and single individuals forge a meaningful life outside of marriage.

Aug 20, 2023
right not to marry
Image Credit: Getty Images/Hitesh Sonar For The Swaddle
AuthorDiksha Sanyal & Ketaki Chowkhani

Diksha Sanyal is an Assistant Professor of Law at Jindal Global Law School. She researches and writes on themes within Family Law, Gender and Queer Jurisprudence. Dr Ketaki Chowkhani is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Manipal Centre for Humanities. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India. She teaches India's first ever course on Singles Studies. Her writing on gender, sexuality, and singlehood has appeared in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, New York Times, Square Peg, The Hindu, Journal of Porn Studies, in edited volumes published by Routledge and Cambridge University Press, In Plainspeak, Teacher Plus, DNA,, and Roundtable India.