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The Swaddle is an independent digital publication and creative production studio. We use nuanced research and cutting edge multimedia formats to inspire important conversations through our magazine, social media channels, podcasts and films.

Our work makes the urgent issues of our time accessible, engaging, and poignant for our young Indian audience. We are a team of creative producers, journalists, video editors, and graphic designers who all collaborate in our mission to set a new standard in Indian media.

Our Audience

In a given month, our content is seen over 30 million times across platforms. Our demographic is primarily an urban, Indian audience aged 18-34. Our subscriber is media savvy, engaged with current events and social justice issues, and prioritises transparency in their news habits.
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Social first video

Documentary Films


Digital Magazine

We make original short format videos produced with social media consumption in mind. Through this work, we've pioneered vertical format that immediately engage our audience and also deliver nuanced analysis and thought-provoking commentary. Here we bring the same rigor to scripting, editing, and motion graphics that we do to our longer format work, making complex research and known histories accessible to a fast-scrolling youth audience.

We are forging a new style of documentary filmmaking in India, which combines the need to address pressing social justice issues with the desire to entertain audiences. Our specialty lies in using a mix of filmed footage with motion graphics to tell visually innovative stories, while our approach to storytelling makes complex topics accessible.

Our original, award-winning podcast series bring the full spectrum of our in-house capabilities to this exciting new medium for India. We bring our signature originality of perspective, nuanced reporting and scriptwriting, and innovative sound editing to the production of audio series that inform, educate, and entertain. Our latest limited series has been downloaded over 200,000 times.

Our digital publication, The Swaddle, uses long-form reportage, pop culture commentary, and news analysis to offer journalism with insight and integrity. Known for our unique voice and a commitment to approaching difficult topics with candor and transparency, the magazine represents a truly original point of view in a cluttered media landscape.

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The full range of our work—written, multimedia, and video—is available to partners who want to leverage the benefit of our visual style, research, and unique tonality for their brand.

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