How Being at the Frontlines of Protest Is Taking a Toll on Women’s Health

“The country’s future is on the ventilator, I want to save that first,” said a kidney transplant patient.

written by
Anubhuti Matta
Jan 29, 2020
health of protesting women
Despite her poor health, 85-year-old Asghari Khatoon is a regular at the protests in Patna’s Sabzibagh area. “I don’t care about my health right now. I just don’t want to leave the country my 110-year-old mother was buried in.”
AuthorAnubhuti Matta

Anubhuti Matta is an associate editor with The Swaddle. When not at work, she's busy pursuing kathak, reading books on and by women in the Middle East or making dresses out of Indian prints.