Dissecting the NEP: How the Policy Will Only Widen the Education Gap in India

Certain aspects of NEP’s implementation, in relation to language and caste, will deepen the societal divides in India.

written by
Sanaya Patel
Aug 28, 2020
NEP 2020
Image Credit: Hitesh Sonar For The Swaddle/Alamy
AuthorSanaya Patel

Sanaya Patel is a dispute resolution lawyer in Bombay. She is the Chief Legal Officer at One Future Collective, a nonprofit nurturing radical kindness in people, communities and organizations -- with a vision of a world built on social justice, led by communities of care. She is the co-author of Partitioning Histories, a publication which juxtaposes Indian and Pakistani textbook narratives on pre-Partition history. She is interested in gender justice, music, and making the law accessible to everyone.