Guiding Kids’ Online Activities to Build Positive Digital Footprints

An online footprint doesn’t have to be a liability. Rather than just teaching children about Internet safety and reducing their digital footprint, we should also encourage them to curate a positive digital footprin...

Jan 20, 2018
AuthorRachel Buchanan, The Conversation

Rachel Buchanan, PhD, is a teaching and research academic at the University of Newcastle. She is a teacher educator who conducts research in the areas of educational philosophy and policy and social theory. She is particularly interested in the intersection of educational philosophy and educational policy around the use of technology and how this impacts upon educational systems and the practice, education and identities of teachers and students. She is currently investigating students' digital footprint awareness, understanding and knowledge. She is a founding member of the DICE (Digital Identity, Curation and Education), a network of scholars interested in digital footprint, curation of online presence, and serious games for learning.