Getting to Know Your Family and Discovering They Might Be Cool

“Have you tried the chicken tikkas in Delhi?” My husband asked my 19-year-old nephew. “But he’s vegetarian!” I rushed in. My nephew looked at me intently for a few seconds. “I tried chicken recently, at college,” h...

written by
Jyoti Ganapathi
Feb 3, 2018
indian family
AuthorJyoti Ganapathi

Jyoti Ganapathi did her BA in Economics & Psychology from Knox College, US and a Masters in HR from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She returned to India to work in the family business. Riding the entrepreneurial wave, along with her husband, she started Dosa Inc- a South Indian food truck in 2012, fulfilling a dream that they always had. She is an intermittent writer and is currently absolutely loving NPR podcasts!