A Liberal Arts Degree Is the Credential Kids Will Need for Success After College

Engineering and other specialized degrees are becoming less attractive to employers.

written by
Shikha Dhar
Nov 11, 2018
AuthorShikha Dhar

Shikha Dhar is an undergraduate admissions consultant at The Red Pen. She specializes in helping students apply to liberal arts universities in India, such as Ashoka University and others, as well as working on applications to Singapore, Canada, Europe, UK. She also helps students brainstorm essay ideas and offers general guidance for US colleges, find the best fit for their interests and mentoring them through the process. Shikha also serves as the University Counselor for The British School Caracas (Venezuela), where in addition to helping students with their applications to countries all over the world and writing their letters of recommendation, she works extensively on school-related processes. She resides in Mumbai with her family and holds a PG Diploma Tourism Management from IMS Ghaziabad and a PG Diploma Marketing Management (Distance learning) from NMIMS.