For Many, a PCOS Diagnosis Only Brings More Confusion

Prerna Sharma works long hours at one of Mumbai’s most popular hair salons. As she begins another work day of cutting, colouring and styling her clients’ hair, she tells me about her experience of being diagnosed w...

Jan 29, 2018
pcos diagnosis
AuthorPooja Das Sarkar

Pooja Das Sarkar is a filmmaker and writer who is passionate about gender, cinema and development communication. She started her career as a reporter for The Telegraph and Time Out magazine and has been a correspondent for the popular social issues-based TV show Satyamev Jayate. She runs her own creative agency in Mumbai and is the founder of the online platform, Filmwali, dedicated to documenting the work, life and representation of women in Indian cinema. Pooja holds a Master’s degree in media and cultural studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences.