How to Choose the Lactation Support That’s Right for You

Your guide to the wide variety of breastfeeding help available.

Aug 3, 2018
breastfeeding problems breastfeeding help
AuthorDr. Manisha Gogri

Dr. Manisha Gogri, MBBS, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, in private practice and also attached to Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital in Powai. She helps mothers who have simple to complex breastfeeding issues, and specializes in breastfeeding without birthing (for couples having babies via surrogacy). She also works as a childbirth educator through the FitForBirth program, serves as a La Leche League Leader, and is a member of ABM and ILCA, the two preeminent international breastfeeding associations. She is a doting mother to two teenage boys.